Fall 2011 Dress Code HERE

Fall 2011 Rates and Policies

Fall Tuition Guide:
Fall tuition is based on Student not per family

Hours/week      Tuition/month
.5                      35
.75                    40        
1.                      45
1.25                  55
1.5                    62
1.75                  72
2.                      82
2.25                  89
2.5                    99
2.75                 106
3.                     117
3.25                 124
3.5                   132
3.75                 141
4                      152

Student dance pass unlimited classes/month.        168 *Does not include solo classes or semi-private classes

egistration: A registration fee will be due upon signing up. Registration fees are non-refundable and must
be paid in order to be enrolled in a class. Registration fee for the fall is $25 for new families, for current families $20.

Tuition: Tuition will be on an automatic w/d system or you may pay the year in full for a 5% discount. To avoid
confusion, your yearly tuition has been divided evenly into 10 equal payments made Sept. through June.
June lessons and all stage rehearsals for dance classes are included with the 10 month payment plan. There
is no deduction for vacations or short months.  There is no extra charge for months with five class weeks.  
Automatic w/d will take place the first of the month.  Yearly tuition (Paid in Full) will receive a 5% discount and
are due the first week of classes. Please mark the student’s name on your checks. *All returned checks or
auto-withdrawal transactions will be charged a NSF fee.  

Withdrawal and Refunds: One-month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any
classes.  Withdrawal must be done in person and will not be accepted by email or over the phone.  
Withdrawal must be done at the studio.  Withdrawal must occur within the first 7 days of the month.  No
withdrawals will be accepted after April 1.  To withdraw from classes and parent or adult student must:
1. Inform studio director and
2. Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the office.
All automatic bank debiting will stop after the one-month period.  
There are NO refunds or credits for missed lessons.  Students are not allowed to drop classes for a month
and then expect their place to be held the following month with the exception of doctor excuses.

Absenses, Tardiness and Make-up Lessons: Solo classes must be canceled 24 hrs in advance to allow for a
makeup class.   Absences are discouraged. Missed Classes can only be made up within 2 weeks of the
missed date.  Tardiness is unacceptable.  It is distracting if a student walks in late and disturbs the class. If a
student was absent due to any circumstances tuition will NOT be reimbursed.  If an injury occurs or other
medical condition a plan will be made.  Any student missing more than 4 lessons after January will be
reviewed by their teacher and Director to see if they are capable of performing in the show. *A solo class
may be an option to catch up to the class if too many absences occur. This would be $85 for 4 1/2 classes.

Costume Fees: Costume balance will be split up into three monthly payments along with tuition, $25 for
October/student/class, $ 25 for November/student/class.  The balance of the costume will be w/d on the 15th of

Account Balance: must be paid to date in order to purchase show tickets

Extreme weather or unexpected interruption of Classes:  If classes are canceled due to inclement weather
the first class will not be made up or reimbursed, any after that we will have makeup classes. The studio has
the right to cancel for extreme winter weather conditions.  If you are unsure whether there will be class due to
inclement weather please call the studio 1 hour prior to your class or check the local wfmz channel for studio
updates scrolling across the bottom.

Solo/Duo & Trios Classes are limted.  To add a solo to your schedule or be put on a waiting list please contact the
studio.  Soloist must take a ballet class along with their solo class.  Solos are $75/month. Duos or Trios are
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