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Iron Pigs FAQ-
What do I do in case of rain? Baseball games are played rain or shine. In the slight chance
that a game gets cancelled the tickets will be good for any game the rest of the season
based on availability. Hang onto your ticket stubs because they will serve as rain checks
and must be redeemed in person at the Coca-Cola Park Ticket Office for a ticket to
another game. The studio will try to reschedule as a group for another game

Here are some updates and reminders to keep you posted:

1- The Game is on )___________

2- There is a mandatory rehearsal on _________or all Ensemble members to rehearsal
the routine all together.  

3- Iron Pigs request: ****All performers and coaches should meet at the East  Gate no later
than 5:30PM.  Any performers who arrive after the 5:30 PM time slot are not guaranteed to
perform so PLEASE DON'T BE LATE.

5- What are the girls wearing?
Their ensemble dress code color leotard.  Black tights cut at the feet and rolled up to
below the knee.  Black dance shorts.  Sneakers.  Hair and bangs must be pulled back
away from face in a neat high pony tail.  Rhinestone earrings and necklace.  If you
ordered yours with this years costume please see Miss Amanda to get them ahead of
time.  Don't forget your Ensemble Jackets (and parents your Cameras!) Makeup- Stage
Siren Pallet.  

We are so excited to get this opportunity for the girls to perform at the Game!!!
Miss Amanda

Rules to the Ensemble:
All students in the Dance Ensemble must take a ballet class & a technique class
 This past year in Ensembles, we found that we were so focused on choreography for all
the events that there wasn’t sufficient time to really work on technique as much as we
would have liked. The technique class has been added before each ensemble class.  This
class will begin with a warm up and focus on leaps, turns, extensions and proper technique
to allow each dancer to grow even more! Ensemble class will be choreography only.   
Students must maintain excellent attendance to All their classes
A Positive attitude of Parents and Students to all other students/families & Staff is a must

  Jump Dance Convention:  A fun packed weekend full of dance class with top
2013 Calendar coming soon!