Why Dance?

Dance education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices. Studies show that a structured
dance program enhances
academic achievement. At every age and ability, dancing is exciting and joyful.   

Dance develops the individual physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Dance
students join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts.
While having fun, dance students gain many benefits:   

• Balance and Coordination • Structured physical activity • Correct posture and alignment • Strength and
Flexibility • Athleticism and Kinesthetic awareness

• Self expression • Creativity • Communication • Aesthetic awareness • Musicality  

• Critical thinking skills • Problem solving • Time management • Concentration and Focus • Self-discipline  

• Confidence • Commitment • Determination • Self-respect • Joy and excitement  Social • Camaraderie •
Responsibility • Respect for others • Teamwork • Tolerance

• Camaraderie • Responsibility • Respect for others • Teamwork • Tolerance

Dance helps students develop their motor skills, Improve balance, Develop social behavior and
creates self-confidence in a non-competitive environment.
What Can we do for your child?
Why Dance?
Are all dance studios the same?
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Can you tell me about your facilities?
Armetta's Grand Jete Studio of Dance is located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, PA. The studio is conveniently located on Rt.100,
Macungie. Armetta's Grand Jete Studio of Dance is equipped with two large dance studios with  closed circuit Television. Studio
one and two are equipped with professional  dance floors which prevent injury and reduce fatigue. The flooring is a very important
aspect, as constant jumping and landing can cause serious injury if performed on a hard wood, concrete, or tile surface. Very few
studios use the 1/4" thick and layered   "woodstep plus" floor because of the expense involved, and usually opt for a regular floor
of tile or wood in their studio.

How much personal attention will my child receive?
In order to ensure enough personal attention to each dancer it is important to limit the number of students in each class. There is
no "Magic" number that works for all ages and abilities. Careful consideration is given to the age of the student, the type of class,
and the level of difficulty of the class. With younger students, it is easier for a teacher to maintain control over the class and ensure
that each student understands the material if the class size is smaller. By keeping the class sizes smaller, we make sure that no
fundamental concepts are being missed, as well as making sure each student is developing good habits and proper technique.

How does your program surpass the standard expectations of the "stereotypical" dance studio?
Each studio is equipped with closed circuit televisions so parents can watch each lesson.  Our faculty members have degrees in
dance or have comparable professional experience. They continue their education through intensive dance training. This is what
keeps us on the cutting edge of dance today. Our annual spectacular is held at the Scottish Rites Cathedral. Our audiences enjoy
our spectacular sold out performances in comfort and style each year.

Whether you are seeking a once a week class or an intensive program to set your child on the path to a professional career,
Armetta's Grand Jete  is right for you!

Here’s why Armetta’s Grand Jete Studio of Dance is the right

Small Class Sizes –
Class sizes are limited to ensure personal attention.

All studios equipped with floating dance floors
which reduces risk of injuries and allows students
to dancer longer without getting tired.

Mirrors are mounted on the front and side walls.
This allows students to observe and correct their movements

Sophisticated video observation system for parents and guests
to view classes.

Busy parents are kept informed with monthly newsletters
by e-mail, copies in our waiting room or on the studio website

All costumes are bagged in garment bags with all
accessories, tights, and instructions attached—No hassles for

Students or parents never required to fund raise for studio

Ability for families to enroll two or more students in dance
classes at the same location – saves travel time between

Our welcoming, fun approach encourages a respectful and
compassionate environment among parents, students and staff.

Professionally-trained, encouraging teachers.
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Are all dance studios the same?
Besides the health benefits of physical training through stretch, strength, and endurance, we provide
an opportunity to achieve many goals. Balance, grace, and poise as well as confidence, leadership,
and showmanship are all a part of what our job, as dance instructors, will bring. We take our
profession very seriously - we hope you will as well.
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