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Classes are developed for the specific needs of children with Autism, Mental Retardation,
Downs Syndrome and other developmental delays. The classes are very active.

A TSS or caregiver must attend class with the student.  

We are dedicated to providing dance and music classes for special needs children. We
hope to enrich the lives of these children so that they can achieve new possibilities
previously unimaginable.

Using an imaginative syllabus as a solid base, we choreograph dance sequences to music
likely to appeal and motivate. With firm but good-humoured discipline, patience and – above
all – totally empathy, the pupils’ attention is held as they listen, remember and gradually
connect one movement with another to gain ultimate mastery of the dance.

Classes thus become profound learning experiences. Positive change – physical, intellectual
and social – follows.

Dance can play a useful role in the education of any youngster. But those with Down’s
Syndrome it can be the all-important route to complete transformation. For them it has
especially significant meanings. They relate to it, automatically and enthusiastically.

Their movement skill improve; their intellectual development blossoms from the mental effort
needed to master the steps; and by performing in unison with their peers they create a
sense of togetherness. This cohesion makes them more aware of themselves and of one
another. They begin to look, listen and respond.

With these heightened intellectual and social skills plus parallel physical improvement –
better posture, balance and co-ordination – come; Communication, concentration, co-
operation and co-ordination – all of them indispensable life skills which nurture that most
vital of qualities – confidence .

Try Us for Free!
Wondering if Grand Jete Special Needs Program would be a good fit for your child? We
invite you to participate in the first class of the program for free.

Please note: All registration forms, and the participation fee are required prior to the start of
the first class. After the first class, you can receive a full refund if you decide that you do not
want to continue your child in our program. Simply contact Miss Amanda prior to the second
class and you will receive a full refund.

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