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Sept 2009-June 2010  Schedule

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ALL Sept-June Classes are closed, new class sessions start in February-
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Class Descriptions
2-3 years old
Creative Dance (no show)
Wednesday         6-6:30
3-4 years old
Creative Dance
Beg      Wednesday           9:20-9:50am
int        Monday                 5:20-5:50
Int        Tuesday                6-6:30
Beg     Thursday               6:05-6:35
Beg       Friday                    5:35-6:05

5-7 years old
Ballet/Jazz/Hiphop Combo Class
Beg         Wed                      10-10:45am
Int          Monday                 4:45-5:30
Adv        Monday                 5:45-6:30
Beg       Tuesday                 5-5:45
Int         Thursday                6:45-7:30
B/I         Friday                     6:15-7:00
Beg  Baton Twirling class Tuesday 7:20-7:50

Beginner Tap for ages 6-8
need at least one year of dance training
Thursday                 630-7-Limited space

8-10 years old
Beg   Thurs      5-6-Ballet/Jazz/Hiphop
int     Wed        4:15-5:15-Ballet/Jazz/Hiphop-
Adv   Thurs      5:25-6:25-Ballet/Jazz/Hiphop  
B/I      Wed        5:15-5:45-Tap
B/I       Fri           7:10-8:10 Ballet/Jazz/Hiphop
Wed         6:20-7:05-Theater
Int    Baton Twirling      Tue    7:50-835

10-12 years old
Mon        6:00-7:00-Ballet/Jazz/Hiphop
Thurs     7:00-7:30 Tap  
Wed         6:20-7:05-Theater
Int    Baton Twirling      Tue    7:50-835

12-13 years old
Thurs      4:40-5:25-Ballet
Wed        7:10-7:55-Hip-hop
Thurs     7:00-7:30 Tap
Beg/Int            Monday               6:40-7:40  
Int/Adv            Monday                7:45-8:45
Int                 Tuesday                5:35-6:35
IntAdv            Tuesday               6:45-7:45
Adv                 Tuesday               7:45-8:45
Beg 3-5           Friday                   5:50-6:20
B/I                   Friday                   6:30-7:30
I/A                   Friday                    7:40-8:40  

Beg        Tue                        7:20-750
Int          Tue                        7:50-835
Call us at 610-393-5225
Early Payment Discount and Tuition Rates.

To ensure a well rounded student, Tuition rates on a sliding scale for discounts on multiple classes per student

Class size limited to 8-12 students/class

TAKE NOTE: Levels are based on years of training and experience, ages listed are as a guide, however every
student differs.  Students will be placed by their instructor, so they will gain the most out of the class.
* All Pre-Pointe and Dance Team must take a Ballet Class as a per-requisite.

Minimum class size is necessary or subject to change.  
Grand Jeté has the right to cancel any classes for any reason.
Pilates  Wed.       9:30-10:30 am
6 week sessions $48
Pilates Register Here
Hiphop  Mon        7:45-8:15pm       
month to month $33 (no show)

13+ years old
Thurs      4:40-5:25-Ballet
Mon      7:00-7:45-Contemporary      
Wed      7:10-7:55-Hip-hop (I/A)
Wed      5:45-6:15-Tap (Adv)

Dance Teams (Audition only)
Petite        Tuesday       6:35-7:20-Class Closed
Jr.             Wed            5:15-6-Class Closed
Snr.           Tuesday      4:15-5-Class Closed
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