Important Recital Information
Friday Evening Starts @ 6:30- Rehearsal for this show is on Tuesday
Saturday Matinee Starts @ 12:30- Rehearsal for this show is on Wednesday
Saturday Evening Starts @ 6:30- Rehearsal for this show is on Thursday

All students must stay the entire time of the rehearsal.
We will be running the rehearsal in order of the show, so the show will run quickly and smoothly.
Upon arriving at the school, students are required to check in at the chaperone table. From here, we will escort them to their assigned areas. During the rehearsals and shows
students will be with their chaperones in a designated area. They are NOT permitted to sit with family members in the audience on their show day.
This is absolutely necessary for us to ensure the safety of our students. Only parents wearing Grand Jete name badges or a parent who has been asked to retrieve their child will
be permitted backstage

Come dressed in costume with hair and makeup already done
Pack a clear drink, snacks, fruit, (nothing that may stain the costumes please) (NO NUTS PLEASE)
Please make sure ALL items are properly labeled and placed in a bag with your child’s name on the front.

Costumes-Costume accessories
Dance Shoes
Bobby Pins
Extra Tights
Hair nets
Elastic hair ties
Safety Pins
Rhinestone Jewelry
Make-up supplies and applicators
Snacks/Clear Liquid (plastic bottles) Blanket/Towel


***For All Rehearsals and Shows- Come dressed in costume with hair and makeup already down
Make-up for each age level

Young Dancer Colors and Video HERE
Stage Siren Colors and Video HERE

Apply more makeup than you think because of the lights on the stage

Eye Makeup Pallets will be for sale in the studio @ $8.25
Full kits for $20
How to Make the Perfect Bun

**Wash your hair the night before, not the day you need the bun

1. Run smoothing gel through damp hair to keep it sleek and in place.
2. Part hair down the left and pull hair back low. Bun should be in back middle of head
not too high

3. Secure with an elastic and twist hair and wind around itself.

4. Tuck loose end under hair net (can be purchased at your local drug store) use
elastic and secure with bobby pins.

5. Smooth glossing spray over hair.

Click here for pictures of the steps
Everything you need to know:
All questions you may have can be answered by reading below
or looking at the hard copy each family received during costume pick up
1. Picture week day/time
2. What show you are in
3. When dress rehearsal is
(mandatory & please come in costume w/ hair and make up done)
3. What times for
drop off and pick up for all shows and rehearsals
4. Songs for each class

PDF of all info listed above
coming soon
**It is strongly recommend printing this entire page out and keeping it with you costumes.

Order of all shows coming soon

*If you are in mulitply classes please check this, so you know which costume to come in first
Some songs are used for multiply classes in different shows-please check the
PDF above to see which show you are in for
Where's Rehearsal &  The Show?
Emmaus High School
500 Macungie Ave, Emmaus Pa 18049
Entrance facing Harrion street- Big wall of
glass windows.  Door #8
Ticket Sales for Grand Jete 8
*Be Sure you are getting tickets for the
correct show!
Ticket sales will start
on Saturday, May 4th at 9:30am
*Tickets are non-refundable
*Grand Jete is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets
*Tickets will be on sale ONLINE ONLY
*Children 3 and under who will be sitting on a lap do
not need a ticket
*Room Moms do not need a ticket
*Tickets are 9.75 each plus processing
Day of event all tickets are $15 plus processing
Room Moms:

If you would like to stay backstage as a room mom sign ups are at the front desk at
the studio.  

Here are the details on being a room mom:

**A "Room Mom" will have the duties of staying with the children in their dressing
rooms, lining them up & brining them backstage for their performance.  
** Room Moms may watch their child from the "wings" of the stage during their
performance, then walk the group back to the dressing room for the remainder of
the recital.
**Room moms are needed for rehearsal and the day of the show, and will not need
a ticket to enter.  
** Room moms will need to stay for the entire rehearsal and show.
*You may bring a snack ***Please NO Nuts***for the girls to share and a game or
coloring paper
**Bring a big blanket so that you can keep your class all together.

Time to Arrive *** For Rehearsal and Show nights- Please arrive 10 minutes prior to
your classes scheduled time to arrive.
Call Today: 610-393-5225

Dress rehearsal at Emmaus High School.  When you pick your daughter up  at 7:45pm you will rehearse the dance on the stage.  No need to
dress up that night.

Show night: This routine is right after intermission.  During intermission you will come through security and go backstage and wait to perform.
 After intermission you can go back to you seats to enjoy the rest of the show.

What to wear for the show: Black dress pants and dress shoes,  a White top and a tie that matches your daughters costume

Order Form for videos of the show

Pictures taken at the studio or during the shows

layout of the auditorium here

Recital Bears
Flowers and Lovelines
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