Themed Parties
November Newsletter
Important Notice
All Parents:
  Please be informed that the week of November 13th thru the 17th will be mandatory
classes for parents and students.  We will discuss costume information and get
measurements of each student for the costume.  You will know the exact price of each
costume as well as what the costumes look like.  Please take the 15 minutes at the
beginning your child’s class to meet in the dance room to discuss costumes and any
further questions.  

Costume Payments
November Costume Installments will be $25.  If you do not wish to pay on an
installment plan the total balance will be due before the winter break (December
22nd).  Costumes will not be ordered for those students whose payments are not
received before December 22nd.  No Costumes will be ordered after this date.

Water Bottles in Class
Attention: Gymnast & Dancers you may and are encouraged to bring a water bottle
with you to all classes.  This will help with traffic through both dance rooms and will
not disturb either class.   Please do not fill your personal water bottles with the water
provided for the waiting room.

Studio Hours
The studio will be closed for Thanksgiving Break: Saturday November 18th through
Sunday November 26th.  Classes will resume Monday November 27th.

If anyone wants to raise money for personal costume payments, there are a few
“Armetta’s Hoagies”
See Miss Amanda for Hoagie tickets
How it works:

1.) You get the ticket for $2.50 from Miss Amanda. (you don’t have to pay until you
sell your tickets by 12/23)

2.) You sell them for $3.50 to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc.  

3.) You make $1 off of every ticket that you sell.  
(Sell 40 tickets make $40!)

No making hoagies or delivering.
All you have to do is sell the tickets and the purchaser of the ticket gets the hoagie
when they want!

More fundraising and other info on back

Arbonne International is a company that focuses on providing Health and Wellness
products for the whole family.  

Their Holiday Fundraisers contains items that are typically purchased this time of year
(think of holiday lines at local mall stores).

With Arbonne you will earn 35% of your sales to help you with your costume costs.

If you would like to do this fundraiser please contact:

Faith Bilyeu or Susan Flamisch

Longaberger’s fundraiser catalog has more than just baskets.  You can sell
decorative candles, pottery and Items from their kitchen sections for quick and easy
entertaining and serving.  

You will earn 20% of your sales.  That means if you sell 4-6 Items (depending on the
price) you could make enough to get a costume for free.

If you would like to do this fundraiser please contact: Monica Weida

Bus seats remaining
There are still a few more bus seats remaining for our trip to NY.  Unfortunately we
ran out of show tickets but why not come on the bus and enjoy a day in New York.  
You can choose to make arrangements to see a different show of your choice, or just
have a fun day in the city.   Bus tickets are only $35 which is much less then you
would spend on tolls, and parking! Contact Miss Amanda to hold your bus tickets


“The exposure to the arts is wonderful for children.  The time, effort, practice, hard
work, and enjoyable work culminates to what they call in Europe, a “Spectacular”, an
Evening or evenings to showcase all the students hard work of the dance year.  
The arts as opposed to sports do not have costly gear or equipment.   But to top off
any gala event, costumes are a must, making the student understand all their work is
leading up to the exciting gala show, till the next is to come.  Costumes have been
selected with the energy and personalities of the class.  
  Grand Jeté is very excited, and wants to pass this onto you.”