April Newsletter
Themed Parties
Spring Vacation
The studio will be closed for Spring Vacation (Easter) Thursday, April 5th to
Monday, April 9th.  Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 10th.  Since this is a
national holiday  no make-up classes will be given.

Pajama/Mis-match Week
**The week before spring break we will have pajama/mis-match week the dates
are: March 29th to April 4th.  
Classes for ages 2-7 may wear danceable pajamas for their class.
Classes for 8 years & ^ may wear any mis-match danceable cloths.

Any student who wishes to wear mis-match or pajamas is encouraged to donate
a dollar that will go to Relay-For-Life. We will be donating all proceeds to Relay
For Life.  

National Dance Week
This year ‘National Dance Week’ will be April 23rd thru the 29th   to celebrate this
we will be performing a mini show at the Macungie Park in the band shell.  All
students are encouraged and welcome to participate.  We will be performing a
Jazz/Hip-hop dance and then we will make a kick-line.  Each year we will strive to
make the kick-line bigger and bigger.  Be a part of history and sign-up today to
dance for National Dance Week.
The date for the show is Saturday, April 28th.  

Attention Parents: When Class is Over…
Please pick your children up on time.  When class is over it is very important to
pick your children up at the studio on time.  Sometimes teachers need to leave
and at other times they need to teach other classes and cannot supervise your

Picture Week
Picture week is just around the corner and shortly after that will be our annual
recital!   As the time quickly approaches if any alterations need to be made on
the costumes please make sure they are complete before picture week.  

New York Trip
Another trip to New York City has been planned.  Spend a warm spring day in the
city, whether it be shopping, seeing a Broadway show, going to Little Italy or for
students 13 and you may take a dance class at the NEW Broadway Dance
Center!  The date for this trip will be Saturday May 12th.  We will leave the studio
at 8
:30 a.m. and return home around 9:30p.m.  We still need a few more people
so we can make this trip happen.  Tickets are only $35.   

A reminder that tuition is due by the 10th of every month not the week of the
If you wish to put your tuition in the box in the waiting room please make sure this
is done before the 10th of the month.
*A late fee will apply to those checks received after the 10th (more information on
that in the handbook)

Attendance and Tardiness
Attendance is imperative.  As the recital date approaches quickly, please be in
attendance to all classes.  We understand that many students are involved with
other activities that may conflict with our class schedule.  However, this is not the
time to miss dance and gymnastics.  When students miss classes they miss new
material for their routine.  

Please arrive on time for all classes.  When a student is late they miss the
essential parts of class: Warming up and Stretching.  When they miss this part
they are not properly ready for class and this could result in injury.  For the
safety of your children please arrive on time for all classes.

When an illness occurs, if the student is not contagious, we still expect the
student to come and watch.  This will be very much appreciated by fellow
students and teachers.

*NEW*Snow Cancellations Procedures
If you are unsure that there will be class due to inclement weather, we now have
signed up with WFMZ!  If there are no classes our studio name will scroll along
the bottom of the screen.  Be sure to check an hour before your scheduled class
time for updates.

Students in Smaller Classes
If a student in a smaller class is going to be absent please call the studio for the
courtesy of the teacher who has prepared for the class.  At times only one
student from a whole class has been in attendance, if we know this will be the
case we could cancel the class.

Year book Sales
Yearbooks pre-orders are on sale starting April 1st.  
The cost of the yearbook is $15.
**Lovelines are also available for purchase. The cut off day for love lines is May

**Go the extra step and personalize your child’s yearbook with a full, half or
quarter page picture of them.
(Includes love line)

Sheets will be handed out at the end of classes.  So please fill them out and
return them with your order.  

Yearbooks can only be purchased through pre-orders this year

“A trained dancer must not only have grace and elegance, but also the
leap of an Olympic hurdler, the balance of a tight-rope walker and
panther-like strength and agility”
—Camilla Jessel