There will be no classes June 22nd-June 26th

In effort to keep our spectacular at an enjoyable length, under 2 hours, certain classes will be
The last 3 weeks of classes from June 1st - June 21st will have a slight
schedule change.  We recognize this may be an inconvenience, so this is being made known to
you at this time so arrangements can be made.  

It is absolutely necessary that students attend ALL classes so that they know their line
formations, spacing, and switching of groups so that all dancers will have a spot in the front row.

This is essential to keep the show time down so all family members will enjoy our spectacular.   
We thank-you in advance, for your understanding and cooperation during this busy time of

Our desire is for the children to have a positive experience in the arts as well as have fun
during this exciting time.

Class currently in                                        New time moving to

Mon. 2:00 Creative Class (tuition -$3)        Tuesday 6-6:30
Monday 5:05 Creative Class                        Saturday 12:45-1:15
Monday 4:45 5-7 Combo                             Tuesday 5-5:45
Monday 6:20 8-10 Combo                            Thursday 5:30-6:30 (studio a)
Tuesday 4:15 Hip-hop(tuition -$3)                
Wednesday 6:45-7:15
Tuesday 5:45 Creative Class                        Tuesday 6-6:40
Thursday 6:45 Tap                                        Wednesday 5:45-6:15
Gymnastic Classes:
                                                         (all classes 1 hr)
Monday 5:40                                                Monday 6:40
Monday 7:40                                                Tuesday 7:40
Tuesday 5:30                                                Tuesday 6:40
Tuesday 6:30                                                Tuesday 6:40
Tuesday 7:30                                                Tuesday 7:40
Friday 5:45(tuition add $5)                            Tuesday 6:40
Friday 7:15                                                    Friday 6:15