Making up a class at this time is not mandatory but if you would like to here are the following times
available (make ups must be done with in two weeks of missed class):

Class you are in:   
Thursday 5:00 Creative Dance 3-4yrs
       Make up times: Monday 5:05, Tuesday 5:45, Wednesday 5:30, or Saturday 12:45

Thursday 5:30 Combo Class 8-10 yrs
       Make up times: Monday 6:20, Wednesday 4:30

Thursday 6:30 Combo Class 5-7 yrs
       Make up times: Monday 4:45, Tuesday 5:00, Saturday 12:00

Thursday 6:45 Tap
       Make up time: Wednesday 5:45

Thursday 5:15 Adv. Combo Class
       Ballet: Monday 6:20-6:50, Wednesday 6:15-6:45
       Hip-hop: Tuesday 4:15-5, Wednesday 6:45-7:15

Make up Times for Missed Thursday Classes