Important Recital
Below: **Mandatory Stage Rehearsal Schedule
Click Here For Picture Week Schedule
**Hair and Tights for Each Class
**Recital Order
**Make up Ideas for each age level
**How to make the perfect bun
**Pre-order Recital Flowers (due May 17th)
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Please see the May/June Newsletter for further Important Information
When: June 28(Mandatory Rehearsal), 29(Recital)
Where: Scottish Rites Cathedral (corner of 16th and Hamilton St)

Room Parents: 5:00
Curtain Call: 5:00
Show Starts: 6:00

Tickets are on sale only the week of picture week (May 14-17)
Each ticket is $7.50 (children under 3 free) Tickets will be on sale at door for $10

      Hair, Tights and Smaller Parts of Costume Info
                                   For Each Class

Hair must be worn for the recital as follows:

Monday 4:00 Hip-hop
Hair 1/2 up 1/2 down w/ bandanna
Costume on Right shoulder, May wear tan undergarment
Monday 445 5-7yrs old
Ballet: Leotard, Pink Tights, and Tutu ... Be sure sequines are on top
Jazz: Leotard, (Keep tights on) Black pants, and Pink skirt on top
Hair: Left Part Bun
Monday 530 5-7yrs old
Ballet: Leotard, Pink Tights, Tutu-Black part on top
Jazz: Leotard, (Keep tights on) Glitter pants, and Belt (buckle in center)
Hair: Center Part, 2 french braids
Monday 530 Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side
Belt (buckle in center) Head band w/ pink charm in center
Tan footless tights
Monday 630 Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side
Wear chocker only for picture
Hair piece: Use to put the two briads together at bottom of hair
Monday 8-10yrs old
Ballet: Pink Tights
Hip-hop: Tan Tights, Brim of hat tilted to Left, Right side of shirt off shoulder
Hair: 1/2 up 1/2 down
Mon 730 Gymnastics
2 French Braids w/ center part
Black arm band on Right Side, Blue arm band on Left Side
Tan footless tights
Tuesday 2:00 Creativity
Bandana on only for Jazz "Pirate song"
hair 1/2 up 1/2 down if not too short
Sew black straps straight back
not in an "x"
Tan tights
Tuesday 5:00 5-7 yrs old
Ballet: Pink Tights, Leotard Tutu and tul on top
Jazz: Leotard (keep tights on), Jazz pants and tul on top
Hair: left part bun
wear chocker for pictures and recital, head piece on Left side
Tuesday 5:30 Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side W/ Head band
Wear capris only, no skirt
Purple armband on Right Side, Green arm band at Left wrist
TO AVOID INJURY**Be sure to pin these smaller if they are too big
Tan footless tights
Tuesday 5:45 Creativity
Pink Tights
Hair 1/2 up 1/2 down, if not two short... attatched "comb" to hair piece and put in hair
Tuesday 6:15 Gymnastics
Hair: Center part, 2 french braids
Wear shorts only, Belt w/ center buckle, Scruncci can hold two braids together at bottom of
Tan footless tights
Tuesday 6:15 Tap
Tan tights
hair Left part bun w/ head piece
Tuesday 7:15 Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side, head band in hair      
Tan footless tights
Tuesday 7:15 Tap
Tan tights
Straps hang down to pants
Hair Left part bun
Wednesday 8-10 yrs old
Hair: Left part bun
Ballet: Pink Tights, wrap flowers around bun
Hip-hop: Tan tights
Wednesday Dance Company
Tan Footless/Convertible tights
Hair: left part lower bun
Wednesday Adult Hip-hop
Hair down, part on Left side w/ head band
wear hoop earrings
Wednesday Twirling
Leotard, leggins, and skirt w/ belt in center
Hair: center part, 2 french braids w/ headband
Thursday 11-13yrs
Hair: Left part bun w/ headband
Ballet: Fishnets
Jazz: Spats, Headband, and belt buckle in center
Thursday Creative Gymnastics
if hair not too short 1/2 up 1/2 down
Thursday 6:30 Gymnastics
Hair: 2 french braids, center part, scruncci can attatch two braids together at bottom of hair
Recital Line Up
Stage Rehearsal Schedule
*June 28th  
*Please arrive
5-10 minutes before your scheduled time
**Please come dressed in Ballet Costume 1st** Unless otherwise noted
*We will be having a professional photographer the night of rehearsal so please
have all parts of
costume, hair and makeup done and on
before you get the the auditorium
Students only have to stay for their class time,but are welcome to watch the whole rehearsal.  Parents are
welcome to stay and take photos!
1.  Adult HH & Thur Ballet
2. Mon 8-10 Jazz
3. Mon 445 Ballet
4. Abracadabra- Tue 530 Gym
5. 615 Tap
6. Tue 200
7. Rachel
8. Tue 545 Creative
9. Solo
10. Hawaii 5-0-Mon 630 Gym
11. Crazy Party-Tue 715 Gym
12. Thurs Creative Gymnastics
13. Wed 8-10 Ballet
14. Mon 530 Ballet
15. Twirling duo
16. Mon 445 Jazz
17. Thurs 11-13 Jazz
18. Lost in super market- Mon 530 Gymn
19. Staying Alive- Mon 630 Gymnastics
20. What dreams are made of-Tue 615 Gymn
21. Aysza
22. Adult HH
23. Mon 8-10 Ballet
24. Tue 545 Creative
25. Mon 530 Hip-hop
26. Tap Combo
27. Tue 5:00 Hip-hop
28. Solo
29. Dance Company
30. Georgia- Thurs 630 Gymn
31. Thurs Creative Gymnastics
32. Bailando- Mon 730 Gymn
33. Duo
34. Tue 500 Ballet
35. Lindsey
36. Waterpark- Tue 615 Gymn
37. Tue 200 Creative
38. Twirling
39. Still Rock and Roll- Mon 530 Gymn
40. Thurs 630 Gymnastics
41. Adv Tap
42. Oompa Loompa Mon 730 gymn
43. Our lips sealed-Tue gymn
44. Mon 400 Hip-hop
45. Afraid-Tue 715 Gymn
46. Wed 8-10 Hip-hop
47. Miss Nicole
48. Thurs 11-13 Ballet
Time to Be at
Class you are in
Lindsey "Popular"
Tue 615 Tap
Mon 400 Hip-hop
Mon 730 Gym
Tue Adv. Tap
Wed 700 Twirling
Tue 715 Gym
Wed Adult HH
Thurs 500 11-13 Combo
Tue 545 Creative
Tue 200 Creative
Mon 530 5-7 Combo
Opening # Adult HH, 11-13 Ballet
Thur 600 Toddler Tumbling
Tue 615 Gym
Mon 530 Gym
Mon 445 5-7 Combo
Wed 430 8-10 Combo
Tue 500 5-7 Combo *HIP-HOP 1ST*
Thur 630 Gym
Mon 615 8-10 Combo *HIP-HOP 1ST*
Mon 630 Gym
Tue 530 Gym
Tia/Jocelyn Twirling
Tap Combo Class
Dance Company
Make-up for each age level
See waiting room form for more detail

Make-up for pictures:  A light blush and pink or lip gloss (however you want)

Make-up for Show and Rehearsal:  
Pink Blush, Blue Eye Shadow, Mascara, Red Lipstick (Eyeliner suggested for ages 8+)
Please note: the lights on stage will wash out the students faces...
Add more make-up than normal
How to Make the Perfect Bun

**Wash your hair the night before, not the day you need the bun

1. Run smoothing gel through damp hair to keep it sleek and in place.

2. Part hair down the left and pull hair back low.

3. Secure with an elastic and twist hair and wind around itself.

4. Tuck loose end under elastic and secure with bobby pins.

5. Smooth glossing spray over hair.

Click here for pictures of the steps