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Classes Taught and Descriptions

Dress Code
**Please Note Jazz  Shoes Color Change

Rules and Regulations
Classes Taught and Descriptions

Ballet is the backbone of all dance styles.  This class includes correct technique along with
proper French terminology.  (Pointe is offered only by teacher recommendation.)

An upbeat class where you will learn how to articulate all major body parts in isolation, so
that they can produce clearly accented rhythms in the dancing body.

An updated ‘swing’ on tradition tap dance that is incorporated with mainstream music
like Rock and Hip-hop.

This class is based on ballet yet moves more freely and is a poetic style of dancing.

An abstract form of dance with expressive movements based on African dance.

An upbeat class that helps develop muscle coordination.  Dance style that is seen on many
dance videos.

Creativity Class
This fun energetic class introduces basic movement skills, ballet, tumbling and creativity,
with songs, games, and “out-side the box” thinking, which allows for self-expression.

Mommy & Me Class
This class is good for the student who is not ready to separate while they can take a
creative dance class with their parent and learn awareness of rhythm and social interaction.

Combination Classes
From beginner to intermediate/advanced levels this class teaches students awareness of
rhythm, dramatic expression and interaction with other students.  This class includes,
Ballet/Lyrical & Jazz/Hip-hop, depending on their age and level.

Classes for all levels starting at beginner up to advanced.  Learn gymnastics steps and
then put them into routines.  Start with tumbling to back handsprings on our 2” thick mats.

Classes for all levels starting at beginner up to advanced.  Learn twirling movements and
then put them into routines with some dance.  

Dress Code

No baggy clothing in any classes, this is important so the teachers can check proper body
alignment, which will help prevent injury.  The dress code is not an option it must be
followed.  You can choose to buy from a store or order from the link through our web site

Tumbling:  Any colored leotard.  Optional footless tights.  (No baggy pants or shirts)

Twirling:  Light Blue Tank top, Black shorts.    Tan Jazz shoes. Hair must be worn back. Tan
Tights are optional.

Ballet, Creativity & Mommy & Me: Pink tights, pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather), and a
black leotard.  Skirts are optional no shorts or shirts.  Hair must be worn back in a bun or
neatly in a barrette. NO Dress Up Ballet looking shoes or dress up ballet looking shoes with
a hard sole.  ONLY Leather or Canvas Ballet Shoes.  11yrs old and up may wear split sole

Jazz: Tights of any color, TAN jazz shoes, any color leotard.  Shorts or Jazz pants are

Modern: Tan convertible tights, bare feet, any color leotard.  Shorts optional.

Tap: Tan or Black tights, black leotard,  TAN tap shoes. Ages 3-9 mary jane style; 9 & up
oxford. (taps must be aluminum not aluminum components) Shorts optional.

Hip-hop: Tan or Black tights, any color leotard, Jazz sneakers.  Shorts or Jazz pants and
fitted shirt optional.

Combo Classes Dress Code
Ages 2-7
For Ballet & Jazz: Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and a black leotard.  Skirts are optional
for ballet, and shorts may be worn for jazz.  Hair must be worn back in a bun or neatly in a
Ages 8-12
For Ballet & Jazz: Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, Black jazz shoes (not sneakers) and a
black leotard.  Skirts are optional for ballet, and shorts may be worn for jazz.  Hair must be
worn back in a bun or neatly in a barrette.


Rules and Regulations

*All Students in Creativity Classes and above must be potty trained.

* A registration fee will be due upon signing up. Registration fees must be paid in order to
be enrolled in a class.
(beforeJuly 1st New students $10, returning student $7, after
July 1st New students $ 15, returning students $12)

* Tuition must be paid on time.  It is due the first week
of every month.  Make checks payable to
Amanda Gring.  Payments are due by the 10th of the month.  They may be mailed in or put
in the box in the waiting room.  Please do not give payments to the teachers.
There will be a $20 fee for all bounced checks.
**Monthly payments can now be made on your credit card.  See Miss Amanda for further

*Late Fees. If a payment is made after the 10th of the month there will be a $15 late fee.    
Unfortunately your child will have to sit out of the class until the payment and late fee are
paid in full.  Late fees are due to extra administration work, timely payments are more

*The dress code MUST be followed.  If it is not followed the student may be asked to sit out
of the class.

*Private and Semi-Private classes are available upon request.  A private is $55 a month for
45 minutes and a duo is $40/each a month for a 45 minute class.

*Absences are discouraged.  If a student was absent due to any circumstances tuition will
NOT be reimbursed.  If an injury occurs or other medical condition a plan will be made.  
From January thru June if a student misses more than 3 classes, they may not be able to
participate in the Recital.

*Tardiness is unacceptable.  It is distracting if a student walks in late and disturbs the class.

*The studio will be closed for the listed holidays
**November 23-25,  December 24-  January 1,April 6-9

*If classes are canceled due to inclement weather the first class will not be made up or
reimbursed, any after that you may make up at any class or if you would like to be credited
please notify Miss Amanda.
**If you are unsure whether there will be class due to inclement weather please call the
studio 1 hour prior to your class.

*Costume balance will be split up into three monthly payments, October, November, and
December along with tuition.  The full amount of costume must be paid before the winter

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