Important Recital
Below: **Mandatory Stage Rehearsal Schedule
**Hair and Tights for Each Class
**Recital Order
Please see Junes Newsletter for further Important Information
When: June 28(Mandatory Rehearsal), 29(Recital)
Where: Scottish Rites Cathedral (corner of 16th and Hamilton St)

Room Parents: 5:00
Curtain Call: 5:00
Show Starts: 6:00

Tickets are on sale now until June 20th $7.50 (children under 3 free)
Tickets on sale at door $10

                   Hair and Tights For Each Class

**Please check the board in the waiting room to see if you need earrings or necklaces**

must be worn for the recital as follows:

Monday 8-10 Class
Rockin Robin (Jazz)- Hair up in a bun, no part, headpiece pined up with bobby pins
Tan tights
Swan Lake (ballet)- Hair up in a bun, no part, flower on right side of bun
Pink tights

Monday 5-7 Class
Hair up in a high pony tail, no part, Hair Piece double and tie in tight knot at top of ponytail
Gloves-Only wear for “Digits” Jazz
Pants-Only wear for “Digits” Jazz
Pink Tights

Monday Int. Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side
Gloves-The fur goes at the top of the arm
All Fur-Please sew or tack around the ankles and arms so they do not hang down

Tuesday 5-7 Class
Hair up in 2 high pigtails, Colored hairpiece on Right side and Checkered Hair piece on Left
Put hair pieces in bow at top of pig tails
 Spats (black leg ‘shoes’) – Only for Jazz routine with ballet shoes under
         Pin these to the tights so they don’t fall down
Tan tights

Tuesday Beg 5:30 Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side
To avoid injury, be sure to hem pants so they are not too long

Tuesday Beg/Int. 6:30 Gymnastics
High pony tail no part with red glitter scrunchi that was included
Tan footless tights

Tuesday Adv 7:30 Gymnastics
2 French braids one on each side        
Tan footless tights

Wednesday 3-4 Creative Class
Hair ½ up ½ down
Hat worn for both songs (rubber ducky, splish splash)
Tan tights

Wednesday 5-7 Class
Hair in high bun, no part, tie yellow hairpiece around bun and let hang
Wings pin on velvet to velvet only wear for Ballet Dance        
Hawaiian Roller Coaster –Jazz, leis will be given to borrow before they get on stage
Pink Tights

Thursday 11-12 Class
Hair ½ up ½ down, part on Left side
Hat tilted to Right Side
Gloves on
Tie belt green over pink, tie on left hip

Tan tights for both routines

Thursday Gymnastics
Hair in 2 french braids
Recital Line Up
Act 1
1.        Mon 430 Jazz

2.        Wed 430 Ballet

3.        Tap Solo

4.        Wed 215 Splish Splash (need towels)

5.        Ballet Solo

6.        Tue 530 GymnasticsHey Mickey

7.        Thurs Gymnastics Cat In the Hat

8.        Tue Adv. Gymnastics Crazy

9.        Tue 430 Jazz

10.        Thurs 430 ballet

11.        Mon 430 Ballet

12.        Fri Hiphop

13.        Twirlers Jocelyn

14.      Wed 215  Rubber Ducky

15.        Tue 530 I’m a Believer

16.        Mon Int Gym The Pink Panther

17.        Mon 530 Ballet

18.       Trio

15 minute Intermission

Act 2
1.)        Lyrical Solo

2.)        Tue 530 Car Wash

3.)     Tue   Lilo and Stitch

4.)     Tue 430 Ballet

5.)        Tap Solo

6.)      Thur 430 Hip-hop

7.)       Wed 430 Jazz

8.)      Twirling Tia

9.)        Tue Adv Gym. Austin Powers Remix

10.)      Thurs Gymnastics  The Cat in the Hat Strikes Back

11.)         Mon Int Gymnastics Fun, Fun, Fun!

12.)        Monday 530 Jazz

13.)      Sunday Hiphop
Stage Rehearsal Schedule
June 28th
Students only have to stay for their class time,
but are welcome to watch the whole rehearsal
Parents are welcome to stay and take photos or record their child dancing!
Time to be at Rehearsal
Class Day
Wed 2:15
Creativity Class
Tue 4:30
5-7 Combo
Wed 4:30
5-7 Combo
Tue 5:30
Beg Gymnastics
Thurs 4:30
11-12 Combo
Tues 6:30
B/I Gymnastics
Mon 5:30
5-7 Combo
Mon 4:30
8-10 Combo
Thurs 6:30
Fri 5:30
Beg Gymnastics
15-17 Hip-hop
Mon 6:30
Int Gymnastics
Tue 7:30
Adv Gymnastics
Sun 5:20
Adult Hip-hop