What is Phusia?

Phusia is a fusion of unique dance routines for women, powered by popular music.
By fusing several styles including country, hip hop, Latin, jazz, contemporary and more, Phusia
offers something for everyone.   Participants master familiar choreography and are challenged
by new additions.  Unlike dance fitness classes where the movements are often very repetitive,
Phusia challenges participants by offering a variety of choreography.  Cardio hip-hop classes
and Latin-based cardio classes fall short of this concept.

Phusia instructors are dancers.

Our instructors dance with their students, giving women the opportunity to learn by example
AND be inspired.  Being able to count music, understand several forms of dance, having the
ability to pick up on choreography and not just wing it, all make for an outstanding instructor.  
This is innate for dance instructors.  Not all dance fitness instructors are dance teachers.  
Dance teachers teach Phusia.