Themed Parties
October Newsletter

Dance Company Members
Congratulations to all members of our new dance company!  We are so proud of you all!
Aysza Armetta, Jacqueline Gring, Brianna Rivera, Lindsey Rothrock.

Bring a Friend to Class
Please join us for “Grand Jeté Class Week”.  Bring your friend to dance, gymnastics, or twirling
the week of October 9-13.  We will have our fun filled classes as usual, with a new dance
routine for all dance classes.  (Bring a friend is for all classes except: Creativity, Mommy & Me,
Pre-Pointe, & Dance Team)

Fitness Classes
A Body Blasting Class is held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:30-10:30.  This
class is for all levels and incorporates, Stretching, Strengthening and Toning of the muscles, so
as the cooler weather approaches we maintain a healthy and fit body.  Each class is only $8.

Costume Payments
Costume Installments start this month thru December. If you do not wish to pay on an
installment plan the total balance will be due before the winter break (December 23rd).  For the
month of October $25 is due. By November we will know exactly what costume each class will
have and the total cost for the costumes will be made know to you.

Waiting Room
For the comfort and convenience of the parents, we strive to keep our waiting room comfortable
with a sofa, ottomans, and a coffee and tea station.
This is very important… We ask that you please respect our property and don’t allow your
children to walk on the furniture.  This would be for their own safety as well.
Thank-you for your cooperation

A reminder that tuition is due by the 10th of the month and that a $15 late fee will be applied to
all whose payments are received after that date.  Be sure to send payments to:
Amanda Gring
17 East Main Street
Macungie, Pa 18062
You may also use the tuition box in the waiting room.  Payments are still due on or before the
10th, not the week of the 10th.

Looking Ahead
Picture week will be May 14-17th.   Each class will be photographed during the time of their
class.  Even if you do not wish to purchase photos, all students must attend for the class picture
shot.  More information will be given closer to the date.  Please remember to keep that evening
open for pictures.  All Friday classes will be informed of their picture day as the time draws