Themed Parties
March Newsletter
Attention All Students and Parents:

Picture week is just around the corner and shortly after that will be our annual
Picture Week is
May 14th-17th, to save another trip to the studio, pictures will be
taken around the students class time.  Students must come dressed in their
costumes during their regular class time with hair and make-up already done. All
students must attend even if you do not wish to purchase photos, this way your
child will be included in the class picture shot for the yearbook.  Individual and
class pictures will be taken.  All alterations need to be done by this week, please
bring tights, and any other accessories that came with the costumes.  
**Handouts will be given with the exact time to come in; we will work in ½ hour
shifts to keep the studio less crowded.
The times for picture week will also be posted on our web page.

Year books
If you have noticed Miss Raye and Miss Amanda have recently started taking
pictures of the dance & gymnastic classes.  At the end of the dance year we will
be selling Grand Jeté Year books!  Each class picture will be in them along with
collages of all the students, and much more! If you wish to add a “Love Line” for
your child you may do so.    Forms will be passed out soon.

Important Costume Information
Many students have received their costumes and the rest of them will be arriving.
**When you receive the costumes,
      Hang them up somewhere they will not get ruined.
      All additional parts to costumes (i.e. hair things, spats…) put in a zip lock and
attach to the hanger so they will not get misplaced.
      Keep them in a safe place away from any pets.
      Do not allow your child to wear them until picture day and rehearsal/recital
days.  Unfortunately, due to backorders and costume order policies costumes
cannot be re-ordered under any circumstances

Correct Spelling of Names
Please check your March Invoice and see if your child’s name is spelled correctly.  
Any student whose name is misspelled please call Miss Amanda no later than
March 10th.  This is to make sure all names will be spelled correctly in our
Program and Yearbook.  

Room Parents &
Volunteers Needed!
We still need a few room parents to help backstage at the recital, for students
ages 3-10.  A “Room Parent” will have the duties of staying with the children in
their dressing rooms, lining them up and brining them backstage for their
performance.  Room Parents may watch their child from the “wings” of the stage
during their performance, then walk the group back to the dressing room for the
remainder of the recital.  Children ages 3-4 from the creativity class may be picked
up during intermission and may watch the rest of the show with Mom & Dad in the
auditorium.  The rest of the classes will be part of our curtain call at the end of the
show.  There will be TV monitors in every dressing room so students in the show
can see other classes perform.  Volunteers are also needed for rehearsal and the
day of the show.  Jobs would include: ushers/usherettes, ticket takers, selling T-
shirts, flower sales and various backstage help.  
      If interested in being a room parent or a volunteer, please contact Miss
Amanda at 610-393-5225.  
All volunteers and room parents will receive one complimentary ticket to the show!

Grand Jeté Dance Company:
Local Performances
Grand Jeté Dance Company has a few performances coming up in March and
April that are open to the public.

Fri., Mar. 2—Macungie Institute,
Movie Night, 7pm
Fri., Apr. 13—Macungie Institute,
Movie Night 7pm

The company will be performing different routines at each venue, come support
the company and have a fun filled family movie night all in one.  For more
information, contact Miss Amanda

Next Month
Look for Information on:
**Stage Rehearsal
**Recital Night
**Easter Vacation
**National Dance Week
**Pajama/Mis-match Day
Themed Parties