Themed Parties
February Newsletter
Room Parents &
Volunteers Needed!
We still need quite a few room parents to help backstage at the recital, for students
ages 3-10.  A “Room Parent” will have the duties of staying with the children in their
dressing rooms, lining them up and brining them backstage for their performance.  
Room Parents may watch their child from the “wings” of the stage during their
performance, then walk the group back to the dressing room for the remainder of
the recital.  Children ages 3-4 from the creativity class may be picked up during
intermission and may watch the rest of the show with Mom & Dad in the auditorium.  
The rest of the classes will be part of our curtain call at the end of the show.  There
will be TV monitors in every dressing room so students in the show can see other
classes perform.  Volunteers are also needed for rehearsal and the day of the
show.  Jobs would include: ushers/usherettes, ticket takers, selling T-shirts, flower
sales and various backstage help.  
All volunteers will receive one complimentary ticket to give to a family member to
enjoy the show.
       If interested in being a room parent or a volunteer, please contact Miss
Amanda at 610-393-5225.

Save Your Newsletters
Please be reminded to save your newsletters.  Each month they contain valuable
information regarding the current month and looking to the future.  We strongly
suggest that you keep a separate file containing the newsletters.  This will help in
avoiding any mixed up dates etc.  

Attendance is imperative.  As the recital date approaches quickly, please be in
attendance to all classes.  We understand that many students are involved with
other activities that may conflict with our class schedule.  However, this is not the
time to miss dance, twirling and gymnastics.  When students miss classes they miss
new material for their routine.  Then the following week the teachers have to re-
teach what was missed.  This is not fair to the other students who practiced all
week and are ready to move on.  When an illness occurs, if the student is not
contagious, we still expect the student to come and watch.  This will be very much
appreciated by fellow students and teachers.

**Themed Dance Parties **
*Anytime throughout the year we offer dance parties for your children.  
*There are over 25 themes for boys and girls such as:
Ballerina Princess, Pop Star, and Hawaiian Luau Parties. Dora the Explorer, The
Incredibles & The Backyardagins!
*Parties Include:
**A 45 min dance class
**Invitation (for 9 guests)
**Table settings
**Cake or cupcakes
**Craft time
**Party favors
       & most importantly… Clean-up!

Adult Hip-hop Class for Exercise
A new adult hip-hop class has been added to our schedule.  This class will be on
Mondays from   7:15-8:00p.m.   It is a great way to get some exercise with out even
knowing it.  Join our fun Hip-hop class today!  Call Miss Amanda to sign-up

All 8-10 & 11-13 Combo Classes
As costumes have been ordered, we noticed there was an oversight on adding the
3 row rhinestone necklaces to these classes.  Some students may have them from
last year and can wear them again for the recital.  As for all new students we will be
ordering the necklaces for picture week and the show.  They will compliment the
costume and add a more professional look on stage.  The cost for these is $15 and
you will receive them with your costume and earrings.  This charge has been
added to your February invoices for all 8-10 and 11-13 students who do not have
them from last year.   We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your

Snow days
If you are unsure that there will be class due to inclement weather, call the studio at
610-393-5225.  If there are no classes you will reach a voicemail that will tell you

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else.  
I only try to dance better than myself”
—Mihkail Baryshnikov