March Newsletter                                                      .
Mark Your Calendars!

March 1st
- Tuition due, no later than the 10th of the month

March 1-7- Costumes are Here!! All parents please join your childs class for the first few minutes to pick up the costumes and
go over very important information.  Students will try costumes on over their leotards and then you may take them home with
you.  (costume balances must be paid in order to take costumes home)

March 20-24- Studio Closed for Spring Vacation

April 26th- National Dance Week Performances at Macungie Park.  Join us to be part of history and make the longest kick
line in Macungie!

Room Parents
**We need 6 more room parents for 5-7 combo classes and 8-10 combo classes.  Room moms will be in the dressing rooms
with students during the rehearsal and recital.  They will bring the students to the stage and then back to the dressing rooms
and stay with them.  Room parents can watch their child dance from the wings of the stage.  Please email Miss Amanda to
volunteer.  Thank you.

Attendance is imperative.  As the recital date approaches quickly, please be in attendance to all classes.  We understand that
many students are involved with other activities that may conflict with our class schedule.  However, this is not the time to miss
any classes.  When students miss classes they miss new material for their routine. Then the following week the teachers have
to re-teach what was missed.  This is not fair to the other students who practiced all week and are ready to move on.  This will
be very much appreciated by fellow students and teachers
Clothing Line