February Newsletter 2008

Parents as the recital nears, we would advise you all to please make sure your child has
the proper size dance shoes.  Some children have been in pain during class.  We
understand if there were only two more weeks of class left but there are 6 more months
till show time.  Using these types of shoes will not allow your child to advance, as they
Small Shoes:
Do Not Support Your Child
Do Not Allow For Proper:
Point, Turn, or Leap
Which in turn will not allow your child to make the most out of class and have fun in
dance... More importantly this is painful to your child.  
Unlike the shoes bought at your local department or shoe stores, the shoes on the
studio website are a softer leather that can stretch easier and will mold to your childs foot
and grow with them and they will get more use out of them; As opposed to the harder
leather shoes that are readily available at local stores.

Room Parents &
Volunteers Needed!
We still need quite a few room parents to help backstage at the recital, for students ages
3-10.  A "Room Parent" will have the duties of staying with the children in their dressing
rooms, lining them up and brining them backstage for their performance.  Room Parents
may watch their child from the "wings" of the stage during their performance, then walk
the group back to the dressing room for the remainder of the recital.  

All classes will be part of our curtain call at the end of the show.  There will be TV
monitors in every dressing room so students in the show can see other classes perform.  

Volunteers are  needed for rehearsal and the day of the show.  Jobs would include: ticket
takers, selling T-shirts and flower sales.  

If interested in being a room parent or a volunteer, please email Miss Amanda.  

Note to parents who volunteered last year:  This year we will be in the downstairs
dressing rooms.  They are much bigger than last years room and each class will have
their own designated spot to keep a more organized production.   Parents will need to
stay for the entire rehearsal and show.

Shoe Exchange
There is a purple box in the bathroom for students to donate their small shoes and for
students to find a bigger size.

Last Chance
Rhinestone Sweatshirt Orders!
The studio has a clipboard up in the waiting room for anyone wishing to purchase a
"Grand Jete" Logo Sweatshirt.  The cost is $45 and comes in sizes CS-AL.  This is the
last time this year we will be offering these.  Orders are due no later than Friday,
February 8th.  Any order written down with out payment received will not be ordered.

Dance Twice a Week!! Depending what class students are in, we have the exact same
class going on during another day and time.  We are now opening up those classes for
students who want to come more than once a week to practice technique and their
routines for the show.  To see if you class qualifies email Miss Amanda and she will let
you know what the 2nd class time is.