Armetta's Grand Jete Studio of Dance
November 2007 Newsletter

What's up this month?
November 1st: Tuition and second costume payment will be due the first of the
month, no later than the 10th.

Week of Nov 1st: Please turn in all fundraisers cups no later than November 9th.  
The orders will be placed immediately so they will be here before the winter

November 15th: The last day for sweatshirt orders will be November 15th.  Any
orders that are on the sheet but have not been paid for will not be ordered.

November 12-17: Costume Preview and measurements.  All students and parents
please attend scheduled classes and come in for the first few minutes to see the
costumes picked out for the show. Students will then get measured and parents
will be free to go as we finish up the remaining class.    

November 22-26: No dance classes for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

As the cooler weather nears, student can wear warm-up dance sweaters or leg
warmers for the first part of class while they warm up their muscles.  Here are two
web pages where these can be purchased:

www.allaboutdance.com/armetta  OR  www.Curtaincallforclass.com

"The exposure to the arts is wonderful for children.  The time, effort,
practice, hard work, and enjoyable work culminates to what they
call in Europe, a "Spectacular", an Evening or evenings to showcase
all the students hard work of the dance year.  

The arts as opposed to sports do not have costly gear or equipment.   
But to top off any gala event, costumes are a must, making the
student understand all their work is leading up to the exciting gala
show, till the next is to come.  Costumes have been selected with the
energy and personalities of the class.  

  Grand Jeté is very excited, and wants to pass this onto you


Amanda Armetta-Gring
Armetta's Grand Jete Studio of Dance