October 2007 Newsletter

Parents and Students,
What a wonderful first month we had!  So many students have already progressed
drastically in Dance, Twirling & Gymnastics.  Over the past month most dance
classes have learned an introduction to at least 2 dances and are advancing in
technique as well.    We want to say job well done to all of our students here at
Grand Jeté and Keep Up the Excellent Work!
                                                       Miss Amanda & Faculty

Sweat Shirts
Due to popular demand we have gotten together with a great Rhinestone company
and have created Grand Jete Sweat Shirts!  The sweatshirts will be black and will
come in children and adult sizes, with the Grand Jete Logo in RHINESTONES on
the Front!!! A sample will be put up in the waiting room shortly.  They are only $45
and would make a great gift as the seasons change!

Contact Miss Amanda if you are interested in fundraising to help defer the cost of

This year we have two great fundrdaisers:
1. Armetta's Hoagies
Sell hoagie cards to friends, family, and neighbors for $3.50 and you make $1 off
each sale.  They go to Armetta's to get their hoagie when they want!
2. Football Cups
Sell a pack of 4 Football cups to friends, family, and neighbors for $10 and you
make $3 off of each sale!

Both make great gifts for the holidays too!

Fitness Classes
A Body Blasting Class is held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:15-10:
15.  This class is for all levels and incorporates, Stretching, Strengthening and
Toning of the muscles, so as the cooler weather approaches we maintain a healthy
and fit body.  Each class is only $8.  No need to sign up for a month just come as
you please!

Spilt club
Attention All Students:
We are starting a split club!
What is the spilt club?  When you get your right & left split and straddle all the way
down, your picture will be posted in the waiting room.  All split club members will
also have their names posted in our program and yearbook.
How do I join?  If you have all 3 splits all the way down show your teacher and have
them tell Miss Amanda.
When can I join?  Anytime through out the year once you get your spilt!
How can I get my splits?  Practice stretching everyday slowly and hold your stretch
for at least 15 seconds.
Don’t let anyone push you down. Everyone progresses at their own time.  

A reminder that tuition is due the 1st of the month.
Payments can be…
1.  put in the studio box in the waiting room.  
2. mailed to us at:
17 E. Main Street, Macungie, Pa 18062.  

**Or the best choice yet…don’t ever write a check again with the Automatic w/d
system!!  Copies of the forms to sign up are in your blue registration folder.

Costume Payments
Costume Installments start this month thru December. The total balance will be
due before the winter break (December 20th ).  For the month of October $25 is
due. By November we will know exactly what costume each class will have and the
total cost for the costumes will be made know to you.

Water Bottles in Class

You may and are encouraged to bring a water bottle with you to all classes.  This
will help with traffic through both dance rooms and will not disturb either class.   
Please do not fill your personal water bottles with the water provided for the
waiting room.

Oops! In the Handbook

Two holiday dates were typed incorrectly in your student handbook.  Please take
The new dates for Thanksgiving Break are: November 22nd-26th.
The new dates for Spring vacation are: March 20th-24th.