December 2007 Newsletter

December's Calandar
December 1st:  Tuition Due the first of the month, no later than the 10th.

December 8th:  Macungie scavanger hunt from 9am-3pm.  The studio is part of the hunt, stop by to see our winter
wonderland dancers.  

December 15th: Costume Balances are due no later than 12/15.  These may be paid along with tuition. This year,
there will be a late fee & 10% interest added to each costume for each week overdue.  Please note that if costume
balances are not paid in full by December 15, the production time is held back and students may not receive their
costumes in time for pictures, or worst yet the recital.

December 15th:  Please hand in all hoagie fundraiser money or coupons not sold.

Week of December 16th:  Some classes will be revised just for this week only.  If this concerns your class you will
receive a green letter stating so
or click here

December 24-January 1:  Winter Vacation, the studio will closed during these days.  Classes will resume on
January 2nd.

Winter Watch: Is the Studio Closed?
It's that time of year again when Jack Frost is due for a visit.  Anytime when you question if the studio is closed due to
inclement weather, call the studio's phone first; 610-393-5225.  The outgoing message will inform you if we are
closed or not.  The status may also be found on cable TV's Channel 69, WFMZ..  If we do cancel classes due to the
weather, the first missed class will not be made up.

**Correct Spelling of Students Names**
Unless you have paid your costumes in full, all students will be receiving invoices  starting on 12/4.  Please check to
see if you childs name is spelled correctly, as this is how it will appear in the program.   If the spelling is incorrect,
please email Miss Amanda with the correct spelling.